Job information

$ 60,000 - 150,000 TWD per month

Job Summary

Bitmark Inc. 獲國際創投軟體公司,目前正在尋找優秀的人才一同加入研發團隊,來促進網路系統程式以及相關服務應用的發展。我們的工作團隊曾經因開發Openmoko開源專案而被業界所認識,您將會在高度重視設計美感與工程技術的環境下一起努力,此職位之工作成果將回報於工程總監,工作地點為台北辦公室。

Job Description

Reports to: Head of Engineering 
Location: Taipei, Taiwan


  • 流利的英語溝通能力
  • 精通於編碼技術與計算機科學基礎知識
  • 我們不介意所使用語言,但有過 Go, Ruby, Python, Java, Erlang, 編碼經驗為佳
  • 了解分散式系統 (ZeroMQ, BitTorrent, Bitcoin, …) 為加分
  • 了解密碼學相關知識為大加分
  • 了解數據庫 (PostgreSQL, LevelDB, Redis, …) 支持的應用程序作為REST API的使用
  • 了解與前端應用程序進行交互作用的相關通信方式(WebSockets, RPC, JSON, …)
  • 了解開發環境中的相關配置管理(git, containers, Vagrant, Ansible, …)
  • 善於分析與創意並從中獲得成就感
  • 對於能夠貢獻開源代碼庫有熱誠


  • 競爭力薪資
  • 兒童護理津貼


Profiles that are important to us:

  • Strong English communication skills
  • Strong coding skills and computer science fundamentals
  • We don’t discriminate by language, but having coded in Go, Ruby, Python, Java, Erlang, … is a plus
  • Knowledge of distributed systems (ZeroMQ, BitTorrent, Bitcoin, …) is a major plus
  • Knowledge of cryptography is a big plus
  • Knowledge of database (PostgreSQL, LevelDB, Redis, …) backed applications as used in REST APIs
  • Knowledge of communication methods to interact with frontend applications (WebSockets, RPC, JSON, …)
  • Knowledge of configuration management (git, containers, Vagrant, …) in a development environment
  • You are creative and analytical, and like to be appreciated for both
  • You are passionate about contributing to open-source codebases


  • Competitive salary
  • Child care benefits

How to Apply:

  • Take this coding sample (allow 20-40 min). Do all your coding in that text box, not an external editor. It is timed so do it in one sitting.
  • Apply online
Or refer a friend and get 50% monthly salary reward.