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Job information

$ 55,000 - 70,000 TWD per month


Job Summary

As an iOS Researcher here at Toepak, you will be responsible for:
1. Researching technical puzzles.
2. Improving code quality.
3. Finding efficient way to develop core component of the new features.
4. Making sure the current machinist is cost-effective and slick.

Research of various technique, structure, also one major task as an researcher, whom we expected to be a fast-leaner too.

Job Description

iOS Developer/Researcher

1. 3 年以上iOS研發經驗,有自學經驗及成果
2. 熟悉 iOS 開發且瞭解框架運作原理
3. 熟悉Design pattern
4. 後端API串接經驗
5. 請務必附上作品或作品連結,並敘述自己參與開發的部分

BLE 開發經驗,喜愛或有運動習慣。我們希望找到勇於挑戰自我,願意主動發現並解決問題,並且快速學習的夥伴,如果您有這些特質,我們歡迎您來和我們談談!

- 工作氣氛自由開放,並且有資深的工程師帶領,我們希望團隊的每個人都可以一起成長。
- 升降電腦桌和人體工學椅,並且提供護眼外接螢幕。
- 零食點心,讓大家工作的舒服是我們的基本原則。
- 辦公大樓有附設健身房(憑員工證免費使用),我們重視 work-life balance

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