Job information

$ 5,000 - 7,000 SGD per month

Job Summary


LittleLives is focused on creating software to help educators create a paperless and streamlined environment, making running a preschool more manageable.

Job Description


Are you interested in working for a company that helps thousands of preschool educators and children everyday? Would you like to be part of a movement to revolutionise preschool education in Singapore and around the world? LittleLives is Singapore's No. 1 preschool management system and we looking to expand our Product development team!



LittleLives delivers technology to schools creating a paperless and streamlined environment. Running a preschool is actually fun!

We're looking for a back-end developer right now!

So, you code, you speak well, people think you smell nice and little kids like talking to you. But you also have a strong sense of user empathy, choose technology based on the solution, are unafraid of the unknown unknowns and enjoy learning something new.


Here's what's waiting for you:

- R&D possible new solutions to existing problems - elm, RethinkDB, DC/OS

- Work & play in the heart of the city - Bugis Junction

- Make a big impact in the early education industry - ? of all preschools use us, that's tens of thousands of users every day

- Automate everything!

- Good team workflow (project management, git branching, release flow...)


Skills & Requirements

Must have:

- Love for functional programming languages and have used one extensively

- Experience with container technology (Docker, DC/OS)

- Linux guru-like skills - piped commands with sed easily roll off your fingertips

- Ability to manage advanced infrastructure and make release to deployment effortless in practice

- Sound coding practices - Unit testing, CI/CD, design patterns, service oriented architecture

- Experience leading a small team

Nice to have:

- Worked on production applications in Elixir

- Comfortable with more languages than you have fingers

- Built a custom service to solve a unique problem

- Database sharding experience


About LittleLives

Fun work environment

Awesome pantry

Macbook Pro

We care :)