Job information

$ 500 - 700 SGD per month

Job Summary


Content Marketing, Branding, Writing, Copywriting & Editing, Social Media Marketing

LittleLives is focused on creating software to help educators create a paperless and streamlined environment, making running a preschool more manageable.

Job Description


Are you interested in working for a startup that helps thousands of preschool educators and children every day? If yes, now's the time to join LittleLives!


What you will be doing:

- Writing articles targetted at parents and teachers of children under the age of 12, i.e. family, lifestyle, early childhood development, education

- Pitching original ideas for the blog and defending them well to our fire-breathing (but well-meaning) editors

- Finding individuals who have interesting stories to tell

- Researching childhood-related topics and churning out child-friendly articles


We're looking for someone who:

- Has a good command of English

- Can fashion complex topics into digestible material for young minds

- Can generate innovative ways to teach children (using brain juices and Pinterest)

- Knows just the right questions to ask in order to draw out the most inspiring stories

- Wants to connect with thousands of readers


Would be nice if you do:

- Have Photoshop/photo editing/video editing experience

- Have a zeal for social media to help your article reach more readers (who will otherwise be missing out on quality content)


We are looking for writers who are passionate about education and the start-up scene, and are willing to do what it takes to bring a local brand to a global audience.