Job information

$ 2,500 - 3,000 SGD per month

Job Summary


Customer Service, Project Management, Training

LittleLives is focused on creating software to help educators create a paperless and streamlined environment, making running a preschool more manageable.

Job Description


Roles & Responsibilities

The Customer Success Specialist (Angel) Intern in LittleLives Inc has a very exciting role to play in supporting and maintaining client relations.

What you will be doing:

- Provide a comprehensive step-by-step training of LittleLives’ functions

- Work closely with preschools to ensure the product is embraced by all users and complements the unique culture of the school

- As our frontline support staff, you will be equipped with product software knowledge, ready to fly to the rescue when users need assistance

- Be a listening ear to our users and gather feedback from the ground to be relayed to the Developers Team (Builders) in Singapore for product enhancements

- Suggest your own creative ideas on how to improve our product and services, and be in charge of the growth of your own projects

- Be part of the Angels' mission to spread love in preschools


Skills & Requirements

We're looking for someone who:

- Has good communication skills – able to converse fluently in English and at least of the following languages: Mandarin or Bahasa

- Facebook-savvy and have some basic IT knowledge such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel

- Works well independently and with a team

- Able to think on their feet and provide creative solutions for different problems

- Understands the importance of being organised

- Willing to go the extra mile for our users

- Patient and friendly

- Good to have: 2 years customer support or preschool related experiences