Job information

$ 500,000+ TWD per annum

Job Summary

As a Game Engineer at Genesis Gaming, you are responsible for building games across a number of different technology platforms and devices. The role requires skills in JavaScript and TypeScript. The candidate must be both creative and productive to thrive in our fast-paced studio environment and enjoy the challenge of designing new technical approaches across multiple platforms. Developing cross-platform games in short production cycles is both challenging and highly rewarding. Researching new approaches to solving leading edge problems in code frameworks, algorithms and cross platform compatibility provide opportunities for innovation and learning.

Job Description


  • Integrate mathematical models created by our mathematicians with game designs created by our creative art and animation teams, within our company's Memory and CPU hardware limitations.
  • Architect and deliver interactive, animated multimedia games.
  • Design and implement code for both front-end game logic and interfacing with backend servers based on our current framework.



  • 負責遊戲開發
  • 優化及改善現有遊戲效能
  • 開發,優化及改善現有遊戲框架
  • 按時完成主管交辦任務
  • 撰寫符合公司規範及效能的程式



  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering or a related field.
  • Solid working knowledge of a variety of scripting languages.
  • Solid working knowledge of object oriented programming and object oriented design methodology.
  • Experience in developing robust applications in JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • Experienced at prototyping, UI design, writing, and other game design elements.
  • Possess strong knowledge of data structures, logic, and algorithms.
  • Self-motivated and diligent, with good habits for tracking one's own tasks, seeking out answers when needed, and actively participating in the entire production effort.
  • Experience in diverse mobile applications and the constraints of bandwidth or processor will be considered a plus.
  • Personality to handle responsibility, collaborate and excel in team environment.
  • Experience in other scripting languages is a plus.
  • Experience with UNITY 3D, Phaser or other similar frameworks is a plus.
  • Exposure to other object-oriented programming languages (C++, C# and/or Java) is a plus.
  • 資訊相關科系畢業
  • 兩年以上在網頁開發,HTML5遊戲開發,或是博弈業相關經驗
  • 具Javascript, TypeScript 或其他程式語言開發HTML5遊戲
  • 具Pixi.js、Unity3D、Cocos2D或其他遊戲引擎開發經驗者
  • 具多平台開發經驗者佳
  • 熟悉物件導向程式設計
  • 熟悉資料結構,演算法
  • 至少熟悉一物件導向程式語言(C++, C# and/or Java) 
  • 具獨立完成交辦任務能力
  • 重團隊合作,溝通協調能力良好者佳
  • 對遊戲製作有高度熱誠,配合度高、抗壓性高


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