Job information

$ 500,000+ TWD per annum


Job Summary

If making games that people love to play is your goal, the Systems Analyst position will lead you into it. You will be crucial in creating the systems required to support thousands of concurrent players generating millions of game transactions every day. You will be expected to write technical requirements, workflows, and mockup for a variety of systems.

Job Description


  • Participate in process flow analysis and process redesign along with the Product Owner
  • Produce a requirement design document and mock-ups to match customer requirements
  • Be consultative to teams throughout duration of the project, and provide training in delivery effort
  • Participate in internal projects as required


  • 進行需求訪談、需求確認,並依需求內容進行流程分析與設計
  • 產出可開發的需求相關文件、並依使用者需求製作UI示意圖
  • 於專案期間為團隊提供系統諮詢,並於專案上線前協助產出教育訓練文件,並進行教育訓練
  • 協助專案期間跨部門、跨平台之溝通需求



Ideal candidate must be self-motivated with a rapidly expanding customer base, and must be organized and analytical, adept at working in a team environment and able to handle multiple priorities in a fast-moving environment. Additional preferred qualifications are:

1. Practical and working knowledge: 

a) Principles and methods to identify, analyze, specify, design, and manage functional, non-functional into technical requirements for logical application and systems design

2. Ability to manage, prioritize, and function well in a multi-tasking environment

3. Flexible in proposing and adopting the necessary processes that best benefits the company (as top priority) and the team

4. Must demonstrate good judgment and pragmatic approach to delivering a solution that optimizes architecture activities across company needs, business constraints and technological realities



1. 具備問題解決的能力,並可識別、分析、設計與管理功能性及非功能性需求,並依需求內容設計符合技術及系統的解決方案

2. 可於多工的環境良好的管理工作內容,並可依工作的重要性調整工作順序,協調並配合專案工程進行工作內容異動

3. 可依據公司及團隊現況靈活的提出最有助益的處理方式

4. 展示良好的判斷力,並可提供可優化公司內部活動與需求、業務限制及技術實作之解決方案



  • B.S. degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, MIS or equivalent preferred
  • Strong presentation and communication skills
  • English speaking, with knowledge of mandarin as an advantage
  • Willingness to travel to client location
  • Candidate with gaming knowledge is preferred
  • 電腦科學、資工、資管大學以上或其他相關學系同等學歷
  • 擁有良好的簡報及溝通能力
  • 擅長英語口說
  • 可配合公司出差
  • 具有遊戲相關背景者優先錄取
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