Job information

$ 3,500 - 5,000 SGD per month

Job Summary

PHP, C#, NodeJS, HTML5, React, Angular, PostgreSQL, Linux, Docker
CryoWerx is a retail tech company that build an Omni-channel solution using Automated Retail Kiosk for brick-n-mortar retailers.

Job Description



In this job, you will be creating and maintaining an entire platform that will orchestrate the communication between M2M, web-application, and mobile-application. You have to have a strong experience with software architecture and full-stack application development life-cycle.


  • Deep expertise in PHP, C#, NodeJS, HTML5 and CSS
  • Experience in these JS frameworks: React & Angular
  • Understand SQL-based database (particularly Postgresql) as well as git best-practises
  • Working knowledge of Microservices architecture, TDD, CI/CD, API-driven development and Agile methodology are highly desirable.
  • Comfortable with Linux CLI and Docket container infrastructure (on Google Cloud)


If you have someone (more junior) you have had experience working together (perhaps in pair-programming context), encourage him/her to apply here (and indicate that he/she is referred by you). For the senior role you have to be Singaporean/PR who reside in Singapore; however, for the junior role could work remotely.