Job information

$ 800 - 2,000 SGD per month

Job Summary

fullstack, frontend, backend, node, express, azure, angular, react, mysql, mongo, ui, ux, javascript, iot, bootstrap, css, html5
A Converged IoT Application Ecosystem that uses AI to learn user personas and optimize the home & living experiences seamlessly, saving time and money with convenience across Residential & Healthcare.

Job Description



Founded in Singapore, Variantz is an emerging Smart-Connected IoT Solutions Provider, focusing on Residential, Commercial, Healthcare, and complimentary industries. We aim to build a comprehensive intelligent application ecosystem leveraging on IoT, Analytics, and Machine Learning. As a startup, Variantz stretches it capabilities in Hardware, Integration, Deployment, Application, and Consulting.



As an Individual Contributor, you will be tasked to build & complete web application project focusing on 2 of 3 areas: (1) Infrastructure Setup (2) Backend modular codebase & workflow (3) Frontend User Interface. This project requires you to build web application focusing on creating/debugging/enhancing capabilities, while ensuring quality by writing, running, analyzing and automating unit and functional tests, continuously update the application to deliver worthy & engaging capabilities in the best way possible.



• Organized, Independent, Communicative Self-Starter

• Deadline & Outcome Driven

• Accountable, resourceful, self-learn & grow

• Achieving/completing ‘low-hanging fruit’ + Bite-size quick wins

• Stay calm, focused while being flexible to embrace business priorities

SKILLS & EXPERIENCES (HANDS-ON regardless of competency level):

• Backend: Express.js, Node.js, MySQL/MongoDB

• Frontend: Angular/React, HTML5, CSS3, Typescript, JavaScript, Bootstrap 3+, jQuery

• Tools: Travis-CI, GitLab, IDE (Visual Studio/WebStorm), Node Package Manager (NPM)

• Environment: Microsoft Azure Cloud (Do not be afraid to learn)

• Methodology: Agile, Continuous Integration/Delivery, unit tests using automated TDD tasks

• Experienced with JSON, MVC OOP, RESTful API Development, Web App Architecture

• Creating self-contained, reusable, and testable modules and components

• Writing non-blocking code using advanced techniques such as multi-threading, when needed

• Creating self-contained, reusable, and testable modules and components

• Ensuring a clear dependency chain, with regards to the app logic as well as the file system



• MQTT • OATH & SSL/TLS • IoT gadgets & Technologies