Job information

$ 20,000 - 40,000 HKD per month

Job Description


Work together with the team to planning and conceptualization of new applications as well as maintain current systems.
Handling data sets in the millions efficient processing and merging into current system.
Architecture and API design and implementation (in collaboration with the app & front-end developers).
Microservices architecture all using docker to develop and deploy your services in.
Monitoring all systems for performance improvements and catch bugs and fix problems.
Developing in-house tools and reporting.
Desired Experience and Qualities

You have at least 2 years of experience in backend / fullstack web development in any of these languages Ruby, Python, Go, Javascript, or (preferably) PHP.
You have experience in MVC architecture and familiar with common object-oriented design patterns.
You are familiar with ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Redis.
You understand and can use SQL and NoSQL.
You are familiar with AWS: ec2, RDS, s3, etc.
You have experience in version control system (e.g. GIT).
You are a good teammate, good at communication with colleagues and sharing your ideas.
You have strong ability in multitasking.
You are self motivated, results oriented, and are ego‐less when searching for the best solution to problems.
Preferred, But Not Required

Python development experience.
Knowledge in third-party web service API (such as Facebook / Twitter).
Docker containers for development and deployment to production.
Experience working on ecommerce platforms.
Personality requirements

You have to love the company like you love your girlfriend/boyfriend.
You used to being in a fast paced, horizontal organised structure in order to get things done quick.
You Work hard, play harder! Fun to be with and always up for a laugh.
You are detail minded, dedicated and determined to work around obstacles to get things done.
You gel well with the team to create our own Goxip culture.
You always go straight to the point and has ZERO interest of playing office politics.
You are ready to get your hands dirty!
Perks of Goxip

Snacks, drinks and booze for free! All you can eat and drink.
Team nights out to wash the stress out of your system with beer
Once a month must attend randomly picked team activity (Never know what’s coming your way)
You have the honor to be around with the nicest and coolest people on earth
No more suit and tie my friend. You work at a startup now
Amazing view of Victoria Harbour from 27th floor in CWB
A baby B-ball hoop inside office for internal dunk contest
Equity part is negotiable.

Salary range / month :  HK$ 20k-40k