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$ 20,000 - 40,000 HKD per month

Job Description

About us
We run user-friendly online services for consumers. We operate these services ourselves. We're not an outsourcing shop. We're profitable, growing, and actively hiring. We're a team of 200+ people worldwide, with our core team of 60 people in Hong Kong.

We’re looking for a Front-end Developer
We’re looking for a Front-end Developer to work with writers, UX designers, and engineers to create, test, and ship UI features to more than half a million customers around the world.

Our ideal candidate is curious, open-minded, and enjoys taking on new challenges. This candidate has at least a few years of experience in front-end development.

Work with writers to design and build pages or emails that are organized and easy to read.
Work with engineers to implement new UI features on the website.
Work with UX designers to ensure new UI is easy to use and aligns with existing branding.
Set up A/B tests and implement the test results for web pages and emails.
Ensure web assets like CSS, images, javascript, etc., are optimized for page performance.
Fix UI bugs caused by browser compatibility issues or client/server side logic.
Profile of an ideal candidate
Required skills:

Experience building complex responsive UI
Experience building reusable UI components with Ruby on Rails
Able to build a complex layout with CSS and HTML
Able to build consistent UI across various browsers and devices
Solid understanding of web performance and optimization techniques
Familiar with OOP and async programming
Bonus points:

Intermediate to advanced knowledge of WordPress
We use Wordpress for our blog, a separate technology stack from where you’ll be working primarily, but the blog team may need your help occasionally.
Passion for improving JavaScript development productivity with ES6
Experience setting up A/B tests with, but not limited to, GA experiments, KissMetrics, and Optimizely
Keen to practice test-driven development (TDD), ideally experienced with rspec
You’ll use rspec a lot and will need to learn this from colleagues if you’re not already an expert.
This position
An attractive compensation 
Flexible working hours and a healthy work life balance 
A Fun and collaborative work environment that gives you room for creativity
Salary range / month :  HK$ 20k-40k