Job information

$ 30,000 - 50,000 EUR per annum

Job Summary

Muse is creating software to intuitively search through the content inside large collections of video.

Just how we recall memories of our childhood, or talk about scenes within movies we should be able to intuitively search and explore within video -- in milliseconds, across many dimensions of video -- speech, people, vision, actions, locations etc.

We are looking for a visual designer passionate about changing the way we interact with video

You have experience defining the look and feel of creative products, and have a passion for video either personally or through your existing work

You are comfortable with both UI and UX and know the balance between imagining a solution and testing with users

You have a passion for video and as a creator and consumer you can imagine new ways of searching and discovering through it

You are naturally creative. Perhaps you can draw, or paint, and you have some appreciation for information visualization.

You have no problem imagining new solutions to problems. You add X factor. This is obvious in your portfolio.

You have great taste and are a fascinating person to work with and collaborate with.

Job Description

Main requirements

  • Past experience with creating UI/UX for products from prototyping to production execution
  • A positive attitude backed up by representative side projects and passion for video
  • Great communication and collaboration skills -- you integrate well with engineers, users and other stakeholders to work collaboratively and incorporate your own ideas and others to build amazing products


Nice to have

  • Passion for data visualization
  • Youve worked with video before and have a passion for it
  • experience in Art Direction, Video Creation, UI/UX development and in products we can see and touch.



  • High salary
  • Killer office
  • Health Benefits
  • Food allowances
  • work on something audacious