Job information

$ 2,000 - 2,500 SGD per month

Job Summary

Customer Service, Fleet Operations
First in Asia to build an on-demand bus technology. Winner of LTA’s on-demand bus tender. Rapidly growing in this wave of ridesharing, autonomous vehicles and smart cities.

Job Description


Key Involvements

SWAT Community Experience:

Manage the SWAT rider community by providing workable solutions to their queries on our service and pique their happiness index to new heights

Identifying new areas for service launches through SWAT’s systematic methodologies

Crisis management (only in extreme cases), by being able to calmly inform our riders on the appropriate actions

SWAT Operations Maestro:

Handle driver queries and issues during service hours, ensuring issues are resolved promptly

Driver training and management

Ensure all drivers are given suitable routes

To ensure smooth flow and minimise disruption of operations

Other ad-hoc duties as assigned

Job Requirements

Excellent communication skills, able to communicate eloquently with drivers and customers over chat as well as phone calls

Team player needed to be able to hand over operations effectively other executives and to pick up the slack to ensure smooth running of operations

Fast learner and technologically savvy, able to pick up new monitoring tools quickly

Cool headed and patent, able to maintain professionalism during times of disputes and resolve issues calmly

Independent and self-driven to adapt to requirements of start-up environment

Able to do shift work and work during odd-hours, to ensure operations are not disrupted during the entire day

Qualifications and Skills

Minimum Diploma from local polytechnics or degree in local universities

Quick thinker and able to perform under pressure especially during crisis management, to ensure smooth flow of operations

Candidates with no working experience are welcome to apply!