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Job information

$ 30,000 - 45,000 HKD per month

Job Summary

Blockchain; Data Architecture
Personalised Precision Medicine and Nutrition by artificial intelligence and blockchain platform, all in a mobile app.

Job Description


Be part of the team to innovate the future medical and healthcare industry with advanced intelligence, backed by professionals in the industry of nutrition, genetic and medical.


Start-up Incubatee based in Cyberport Hong Kong. We create an interactive all-rounded personal health hub which provides AI driven feedback, advice, predictions and diagnosis to cater your nutritional, medical and fitness need, based on your biological information e.g. DNA, RNA, antibodies, behavioural data, and medical history.


Blockchain Engineer & Data Architect

You will be in charge of the overall data infrastructure optimised for machine learning as well as build a business private Blockchain platform for different healthcare stakeholders.


1. Lead the design of the data infrastructure and optimise for artificial intelligence

2. Implement appropriate security solution and conduct testing

3. Build Blockchain platform based on Hyperledger in complying with the business requirements


1. At least 1-year experience in the Blockchain-related field

2. Deep understanding of the smart contract protocol