Job information

$ 35,000 - 42,000 EUR per annum

Job Summary

Woocommerce and Wordpress were the tools of choice to build the platform. These tools are best suited for our problem domain.

With Woocommerce and Wordpress comes PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript and HTML5. As a company we are agnostic towards computing platforms as long as they get the job done.

You will be working on the frontend (mobile and desktop) in the usual technologies on Wordpress: jQuery, CSS / SASS, HTML.

The backend runs on AWS Linux AMI on PHP and MySQL / Redis / EFS / S3.

The development team is 'symmetric' meaning everyone can work on everybody else's code.

Job Description

Main requirements

  • The basics of good software engineering methods: the Agile Manifesto, Scrum and Kanban
  • The ability to design and build a good software architecture that allows a team of developers to work together seemlessly.
  • solid development in PHP, Javascript, HTML5, CSS and MySQL on Wordpress
  • Linux/ Nginx / PHP-FPM / MySQL

Nice to have

  • Experience in 1 or 2 other programming languages than PHP / javascript
  • Experience with scaling out an application to hundreds of concurrent users
  • Experience in mobile app development


  • You will be working close to Lisbon in Cascais, the office is close to the station or you can park your car for free at the office.
  • The founder of the company is a seasoned entrepreneur with a trackrecord 3 successful internet companies. As a CTO the founder managed 60+ techs.
  • You can work from home as long as you are 2 to 3 days per week in the office for meetings. In the beginning you may need to be more available for meetings & getting you up to speed. Part-time is possible.
  • If things work out well there may be an option to get a bonus or other upside construction.