Job information

$ 500 - 500 MYR per month

Job Summary

UI/UX, InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
We are a software development house. We believe the formula to creating an exceptional app or web is simple: Functionality* + Beautiful design = Excellence * Awesome, Sleek, Great User Experience

Job Description


Graphic Design Intern

We are currently looking for passionate individuals majoring in Graphic Design, Product Design or Design related fields to join our hardcore internship which is unlike any other internship out there. We cannot guarantee you a hefty salary but what we can assure you is that by the time you are done with this internship you will be fully equipped with the skills required to become a kick-ass mobile app/web UI/UX designer. The learning curve will be super steep and the journey will be unforgettable.

Come and join a team of passionate and energetic individuals!


What you will learn:

- Design stunning mobile app/web interfaces

- Design fluid, sleek and intuitive mobile app/web user experiences

- Structure and optimize app designs to best fit the underlying codes so as to provide a seamless user experience

- Design specific-themed apps/web such as mobile games, social media, mobile e-commerce

- Brainstorm and implement innovative solutions for product design, visuals and user experience with a team of super talented and passionate individuals

- Develop branding materials e.g. business cards, brochures, t-shirts, videos etc.




- We like people who share the same values as us:

- Ambitious and determined to become great app/web designers

- A strong design sense and creativity

- Hardworking and committed



- Familiarity with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and other design tools

- Major in Graphic Design, Product Design or Design related fields


- Work experience either through internship or project utilising design skills


We believe in giving you the biggest learning exposure possible hence we would not treat you as an intern, but instead as one of our full-time employees with real responsibilities. If you are up for the challenge, apply to us now!


P.S  We cover your accommodation as well, so you don't have to go through the hassle!