Job information

$ 700 - 900 SGD per month

Job Summary

PramWash commits towards its mission of providing high-quality and professional cleaning services of prams and other baby equipment so parents can more time to enjoy with their precious ones.

Job Description


What you'll be doing:

Researching, curating and creating original content for our social media platforms

Development of marketing and business improvement proposals

Plan and develop contents for marketing events to achieve the set sales and marketing objectives

Analyse the past and current performances and propose strategies and content to improve sales performance for future events

Develop new social media campaigns from the ground up, considering our customers’ needs.

What you can expect:

Take on responsibility and spearhead large projects/initiatives.

Hands on experience in operation, project management, business development, analytics, customer engagement etc.

An open office and vibrant startup environment.

See your input/ ideas being implemented and make an impact to hundreds of thousand people regionally.

Learn what is not taught in school but matters a lot in real life.

A chance to cross team and experience what other departments are doing.