Job information

$ 800,000 - 2,000,000 TWD per annum

Job Summary

- Design and review code with security concept to find the flaw of our platform and make the transaction platform more secure and stable
- Build/deploy/maintain security controls, instrumentation, and detection infrastructure
- Investigate security events, or better yet, automate the investigation and remediation of security events
- Conduct in-depth research on attacker profiles and infrastructure to better predict and prevent future attacks

Job Description


- Familiar with Linux OS

- Familiar with OWASP, including SQL injection

- With Web Security experience

- Familiar with scrip language, Python for example

- Strong understanding of GCP services and architectures

- Experience mitigating DDoS attacks

- Significant experience in incident detection, incident response, and forensics

- Experience with executing incident response in virtual and containerized environments

- Experience conducting research on threat actors and their methodologies



- Familiar with modern high-level language (Go preferred) or familiar with C/C++

- With Hacker Competition experience (ex:HITCON CTF) will be considered first

Or refer a friend and get 50% monthly salary reward.