Job information

$ 800,000 - 2,000,000 TWD per annum

Job Summary

This role is responsible for website's reliability and stability.


-Solve configuration management, authentication, and scaling problems 
-Operate and improve monitoring clusters, including patching and fixing bugs 
-Collaborate with the others to deliver monitoring solutions 
-Develop and maintain cloud computing services 
-Manage the workflow of continuous integration (CI) 
-Evaluate release processes and tools for advanced improvement 
-Contribute to the release and change of the management process with developers and operations

Job Description


-Bachelor's degree in computer science/engineering or any related field or equivalent practical experience 
-Ability to use a wide variety of open-source technologies and automation tools 
-Experience with systems and IT operations 
-Comfortable with frequent, incremental code testing and deployment. 
-Comfortable with collaboration, open communication, and reaching across functional borders 
-Unix-like (Linux or FreeBSD) system administration and programming experience, able to automate tasks with (shell) scripts 
-Accomplish assigned projects under minimal supervision 
-Ability to use configuration management tools and revision control system (Git, SVN, Saltstack, cfengine, etc.) 
-Solid experience in operating system automation, knowledge in Puppet, Chef, Salt, and Ansible

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