Job information

$ 22,000 - 24,000 USD per month

Job Summary

Python, AJAX, PostgreSQL, Mobile Application Development, Full Stack Development, D3.js, React.js, Front-End/Full-Stack (UI-AngularJS-JS-NodeJS), Redux, Full-Stack Web Development (Node/Redux/React)
Korea's Startup Investments Database

Job Description

# Recruitment count 
- 1 person

# Work content 
-THE VC Service web development and server API development

# Application qualification 
- Ability to develop front and rear end servers and Web services 
- Oracle, MySQL DB structure design, and SQL development capabilities 
- Active problem-solving attitude and ability to collaborate

# Preference 
- Non-smoking 
- Region : Seoul or Daejeon 
- 2 + years experience in backend server and web development 
- Experience in the development and operation of large-scale data processing systems. 
- NoSql database utilization experience 
- Machine running skills 
- Experience in development of OCR based services and solutions.

# Working conditions 
- Equity : 10 % (Transfer of equity to 10 % after 1 year, (2 years lock on) 
- Annual salary: 24,000,000 KRW 
- 3 months ' probation 
- Remote working (Often offline workshops in Seoul and Daejeon / Overseas workshops Together)


We Mission is Increase the Transparency of the Korean Startup investments ecosystem and eliminates information asymmetry.

Targeting clients such as government-study bodies and large enterprises Startups Investment Trends research and data delivery We operate our company without external investment attraction or support business.

It currently sells data to government research institutes and large corporations and publishes Korean Startup investment trend reports.

Area: Korea -> Northeast Asia -> Southeast Asia

1 : Search Engine and Powerful Filter - Now 
2 : Analysis Tools and Media 
3 : Cross-border dealer and Secondary Marketplace

Company introduction:

I am doing all other things besides development. 
Every design of THE VC is his work.

Please show me anything.