Job information

$ 40,000 - 60,000 HKD per month

Job Description

Gritus is more than just a Vending Machine company - We help good products find the right customers. We focus on creating an O2O retail experience by working with data, one that allows products to find the right customers without wasting marketing spends and relying on the inefficient manual effort. You might want to know more through this video:

We are seeking a Senior Web Developer to build the modern retail solution with us. You can find out more about us (e.g. tech stack) on this gist:

You will be involved in front-end or back-end or even both areas depending on your experiences, interests, and timeline.

You will:

Apply best practices to architect and build web applications with high maintainability
Collaborate with the team to define and implement new features in a startup environment
Grow with the team
Have fun with the team
Tech stack (You don't need to know all of these to join):

Backend: Nodejs, Golang
Web Technologies: HTML5 & CSS3 / Webpack / VueJS
Database: MariaDB / PostgreSQL / Redis
Mobile: Native iOS (Swift) / Android (Kotlin)
Tools: Slack / Atlassian / Trello
Salary range / month :  HK$ 40k-60k