Job information

$ 20,000 - 40,000 HKD per month

Job Description

About the Role

We are a start up in Hong Kong trying to offer innovative and fun education solutions to students and parents in China. Our service will be online based and we allow students communicate with native speakers effortlessly through our Website/App. We have a small team of in-house and outsourced designers and engineers and we also use different types of APIs offered by 3rd party IT service providers. We are now looking for someone who can lead the team to develop and integrate different APIs and deliver an end product.
Job Responsibilities 

Lead the IT team to develop and upgrade our own website and APPs, with which, you are required to integrate APIs procured from 3rd parties, developing our own booking/management system, maintaining and upgrading the system
Willing to learn and understand new technology such as launching a mini program on Wechat
Willing to learn and understand the underlying technology of Video Conferencing System and voice recognition
Be able to work independently with little supervision or guidance
Job Requirement

Minimum of 5 years of professional software development experience (with some product management experience highly desirable)
Experience in breaking down a large project into smaller pieces, providing step by step guidance to the team, and lead the team to deliver the result on time
Experiences in system integration and both web and mobile apps development
Understand the technology required to synchronizing any booking orders between Mobile Apps and website
Basic understanding of the China Firewall system and experience in displaying contents in China
Engineering leader who care about coding standards and writing lean, maintainable software
Data-driven mindset, makes practical decisions based on a mix of quantitative and qualitative feedback
Conversational level of Mandarin and English

Equity part is negotiable.

Salary range / month :  HK$ 20k-40k