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$ 3,000 - 6,000 SGD per month

Job Description

Job description & requirements

About The Opportunity

Glints is on the lookout for a highly effective Operations Lead / Manager. If you are detail oriented, move fast and enjoy communicating with multiple departments, apply now to create a successful work environment with us.  

Job Description
Building systems and processes to scale: 

  • Plan, execute and monitor operations for business scalability
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Troubleshoot operations issues and solve them
  • Leading admin team to execute operation systems

Finance Operations: 

  • Work with our accountant to consolidate accounts and prepare monthly financial reports
  • Ensure smooth running accounts receivables and payables
  • Assist in audit and compliace support as needed

Day to day operations

  • Executing day to day operations of the company to keep the ship running

Key Operations Projects

  • Lead and collaborate with team to develop processes to solve key operatinal problems and drive key initiaitves
  • Example: Ensuring marketplace quality, building account management processes for new products

Job Requirements

Must Have:

  • Demonstrated operations experience 
  • Strong analytical skills and possibility to work with data and make decisions based on data
  • Strong interpersonal skills to communicate well with people from all backgrounds
  • Requires rigorous financial, analytics & strategic thought

Nice to Have:

  • Experience with startup environments
  • Leadership experience


What’s it like working at Glints?

Our Team

We don’t just play to play. We play to win. So even though there’s gonna be lots of fun and laughter, there’s gonna be a lot of hard work and sweat too. We have flexible hours, but it’s definitely not a 9-5 job. Building something great is never easy, so only those with grit and determination will survive. 

You got to be willing to do whatever it take It's a young team here. Young, hungry and maybe foolish. That’s what makes us so dangerous. 

We do have a team of amazing investors and advisors backing and supporting us though - they fuel our growth not just with cash but also guidance and mentorship. These are people you will get to learn directly from too.

Purpose (Why We Do)

Every company has its own mission. But without a great team, its mission can only remain a dream. Not reality.By helping companies to build successful teams, we are creating a ripple effect of positive impact on the world by helping companies to realize their missions. Every young person has an ambition. But without a great opportunity, the ambition can only remain as an unrealised dream. Not reality.

By helping young talent to discover opportunities they love and to develop the right skills they need, we are helping millions to realize their potential.

Vision (What We Do)

We are the #1 recruitment platform in Asia for companies to build successful teams with young talent.

Asia has one of the fastest and largest youth workforce on the world. Yet, there is no great recruitment and career platform that is built for employers of this demographic and to this group of young talent. The traditional recruitment and headhunting industry is also poised to be disrupted by the marketplace economy.

It is an eventuality that there will be a dominant recruitment and career discovery platform for the millennials in Asia. One that shakes up the traditional recruitment industry at the same time. 

Why not us?  

Mission (What We Do)

We help companies build successful teams by:

  • Placing suitable candidates to openings via our algorithm and platform
  • Building their brand awareness to engage and outreach to young talent 

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