Job information

$ 2,500 - 5,000 SGD per month

Job Description

The Associate will be the face of the business to several key stakeholders, including Partner

businesses, Clients, peer businesses, owners and senior staff. The Associate will report to the

Managing Partner and be responsible for the key tasks listed below:

Development of the SAGE Community

o Building the base of Partners that work with SAGE, expand our understanding of

partner businesses and enriching the relationships with current Partners

o Developing strategic relationships with external stakeholders such as industry

associations, referral partners

o Advancing and refining the firm’s cataloging techniques to map and track

independent consultancies and alternative data sources

Engagement Management

o Delighting customers by doing the work they expect of us, including

  - Scope-of-work development for consulting engagements

  - Search for new partners that can provide skills, tools or data

o Co-creating new consulting products and practice areas with SAGE Partners, clients

and senior staff