Job information

$ 35,000 - 70,000 TWD per month

Job Summary

At Oddle, the Sales team plays one of the most significant roles as a crucial instrument to drive our growth.

We have embarked on a journey where we can support more restaurants around the world than when we first started. As such, we are seeking talented and driven individuals who are passionate about making a difference to the F&B scene by empowering F&B businesses. We invite you to join us on this journey to realise our ambition, as well as exploring your potential!

As a Sales Executive, you will have the opportunity to manage the entire sales cycle from lead generation and development, to pitching and closing the deal. Together with our Sales team, you will be helping us grow and expand our portfolio of restaurants across Taiwan.

Job Description

Oddle is currently looking for highly-motivated Sales Development Representatives to work with our team in establishing our market presence in Taipei, Taiwan

What you will do:

  • Research, prospect, educate, qualify, nurture and build relationships, create sales-ready opportunities from lead generation activities, inbound prospect leads and outbound calling into targeted F&B businesses;​
  • Collaborate with the inside sales and direct sales teams to develop and improve leads qualification process;
  • Interact with prospects using emailing and cold calling methodologies and/or other creative approaches to uncover their pain points, explain Oddle’s value proposition, identify potential opportunities and generate interest
  • Coordinate sales efforts with both inside sales and local field sales teams;
  • Using creative ways to understand the business needs of potential business partners
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of Oddle products & services, as well as knowledge and technologies in the F&B industry to be the subject matter expert in the restaurant technology space.

What we're looking for:

  • Possess at least 2 years of experience in prospecting for new leads with a proven track record of success. Experience in SaaS or F&B industry will be advantageous.
  • Bilingual with proficiency in English to communicate with our Singapore HQ
  • Excellent interpersonal, phone and e-mail communication skills, both written and verbally, with the ability to negotiate and convince.
  • Highly self-driven and disciplined with the ability to learn fast and adapt to changes in a fast paced and growth-focused startup
  • Work well under pressure and ambiguity. Possess good attitude towards learning and improving
  • Good time management, able to work with minimal supervision
  • Good team player and willingness to share knowledge and experiences with team members

How to Apply:

  • Send us your updated resume or CV to 

If you are driven and looking for tremendous growth opportunities and want to grow with us, we would love to speak with you soon!




  • 開發新客戶:發掘餐飲市場中潛在機會,提升潛在客戶對Oddle的瞭解與認識,並維繫良好客戶關係,隨時準備好與客戶進一步成為生意上的夥伴。
  • 身負審核潛在客戶條件與教育客戶的責任。
  • 與公司內部業務團隊密切合作發展業務策略與執行客戶審核機制。
  • 透過 cold mail, cold call或是其他方式與潛在客戶聯繫與互動,以深入瞭解客戶痛點、傳遞Oddle公司價值、提高客戶對Oddle興趣。
  • 發揮創意與發揮業務長才,探索潛在夥伴與其需求。
  • 成為餐飲科技領域的先驅:你需深入瞭解Oddle產品與服務,並不斷學習餐飲科技領域的新知與趨勢瞭解,成為餐飲科技的專家。


  • 須具備兩年業務開發之實務經驗,具SaaS(Software as a Service)或餐飲領域經驗者佳。
  • 英文流利。需與新加坡總部密切溝通。
  • 良好的電話溝通與信件書寫技巧。
  • 善於建立人際關係,並具良好溝通協調者。
  • 主動性高,自律性強,善於時間規劃,能在無人監督下完成交辦事項。
  • 高學習動力與能力,能適應變化快速的新創環境。
  • 能在壓力下完成所交辦的事項。
  • 喜歡學習與挑戰新事物。


  • 請Email您的履歷表或CV至



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