Job information

$ 100,000 - 150,000 TWD per month


Job Summary

1. Responsible for data security technology research and program design.
2. Familiar with aws cloud infrastructure
3. Responsible for the company's daily information security inspection.
4. Implement relevant information security systems.
5. Participate in establishing a corporate information security architecture.
6. Participate in the company's internal network security project.

Job Description

1. Fluency in Mandarin and English.

2. BS or MS in Computer Science or related field.

3, 3-5 years of information security work experience, have a large site experience is preferred

4. Build and maintain an AWS cloud infrastructure architecture aligning security, compliance, performance and resilience with cost.

5.Hands-on experience with all phases of AWS firewall and network security operations, firewall change requests, firewall configuration, network services, and network security

6. Design and manage Configuration Management process consistent with DevOps requirements.

7, Familiar with Cisco network equipment, proficient in linux, windows, mysql, oracle,Java, python or other programming languages

8. Familiar with the mains security vendor's products, security products experience, network defense experience and cyber attack is preferred.

9. Familiarize with various platforms, security technology laws, regulations, management specification and technical specification.

10. Strong learning ability, good communication skills.

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