Job information

$ 3,800 - 4,000 SGD per month

Job Description

Job description & requirements

You love science. You love computing. You love that you feel terms like  "nerd" or "geek" are honorific. You are energetic. You are dynamic. You  dislike office politics. You hate to be micro-managed. You like to build  things. You work equally well in teams and alone. You like to learn  things on your own. You love the freedom and uncertainty of working in a  start-up. You have a fanatical tendency to bury yourself deep into a  subject matter of interest. You take a mega-ton of pride in your work.  You dislike clock-watching. You hate annual performance reviews. You  thrive in ambiguity. You dislike specific job scopes. You step up  whenever you're called. You dislike supervision or "mentorship" (that's  used to disguise micro-management). You'll do whatever it (reasonably)  takes to get the job done. You don't complain and you dislike  complainers. You see impediments as mere obstacles to be overcome.


Key Responsibilities

  • Design, build and manage a reliable back-end system for the company.
  • Design, build and manage our APIs.
  • If there's any mention of the word back-end, you're the wizard in charge.



  • You must be conversant in designing and building back-end systems to support web-apps and API calls.
  • You must be conversant in either Python/Django, Go/Gin, or Ruby/Rails.
  • You must have excellent organization and communications skills.
  • A good Bachelor or Master of  Anything. In Fine Arts? Sure. In Forestry? Go you treehuggers! In  Medieval Art History? Awesome! As long as you can whip up a reliable  back-end complete with a full set of APIs from scratch when you're put  in front of a computer, you're good.


Why do we think that a college degree is important? Because if you feel you're too good for college, then you're quite possibly too good  for us.

Fresh graduates are very welcome as long as you fulfill the above requirements.


What’s it like working at Mercurics Pte Ltd?

At Mercurics Pte Ltd, we are adaptable, vibrant, collaborative, nurturing and open.

Benefits and perks of working with us include:

Compensation: Competitive salaries
Lifestyle: Casual dress code, Flexible hours, Work-from-home
Welfare: Health insurance, Vacation time