Job information

$ 45,000 - 80,000 TWD per month

Job Description


1. Ability to build services on Linux

2. Golang experience or good at any programing language for backend development

3. Git version control knowledge is required

4. Familiar with MongoDB, Redis or any other database experience

5. Network Security, RESTFul API Knowledge.

6. Knows how to set proper configuration on dev/staging/production environment

7. Positive attitude, co-work with team members

8. English speaking ability


1. A personal website, Github project

2. Big data system integration experience

3. Docker experience

4. Unit test, Integration test, Security test

5. Advanced database schema design knowledge, data sharding, replica usage, etc.

6. go-routine & go-channel knowledge or multithreading programming experience

7. High-performance network service on Linux

8. Experience with Nginx, Prometheus, Grafana is a plus

Interview Process:

1. Coding on this platform:

One might want to test the environment before the interview.

2. Interviewees can bring their own laptops or use the MAC provided by GT.2.

The tech lead of the team will introduce the current software structureand then ask some technical questions.

3.Interview with the BU head.