Job information

$ 45,000 - 80,000 TWD per month


Job Summary

For analyzing the lifestyles of mobile users based on big data from mobile operators, the candidate will work closely with CTO, Product team, as well as foreign mobile operators.

1. Software development on new product line"Mobility Intelligence Platform"
2. Big Data Database infrastructure and design
3. Handles billions of records (location points) every day in mobile operator and derive subscriber mobility pattern, behavior, and lifestyle
4. Handles overall system platform performance
5. A hands-on capability of critical module evaluation and implementation
6. Occasional customer meeting on platform architecture explanation

Job Description

1. MongoDB, Redis experience
2. Can-do attitude and good team player
3. Database cluster experience
4. English speaking ability

1. Data system development experience
2. HDFS experience
3. Cassandra, Apache ignite, or any other NOSQL experience

1. Help to design, develop, and optimize the data flow of the current system
2. Integrate the engine with other applications (Web services)
3. Help designing new data mining process for new data insight

1. Coding on this platform:
One might want to test the environment before the interview.
Interviewees can bring their own laptops or use the MAC provided by GT.
2. The tech lead of the team will introduce the current software structure
and then ask some technical questions.
3. Interview with the BU head.