Job information

$ 45,000 - 80,000 TWD per annum


Job Summary

1. Work with RDs, project managers, and customers to define the deployment process for new features.
2. Develop the current Docker deployment process.
3. Develop the monitoring platform with current Grafana and ELK modules.
4. Constantly look to improve quality across the development lifecycle.
5. Have a sense of ownership for the quality of each software release.

Job Description

1. 良好的溝通能力,自我要求高。
2. 有交付世界級軟體產品的熱忱。
3. 能快速學習新的技術。
4. 熟悉 Linux 與 Git。

Extra Points: (Not Necessary)
1. Python, AWK
2. Docker
3. Nginx
4. Mongo, Redis
5. Prometheus, Grafana
6. ELK

1. Refine the current development and deployment process
2. Create a well-monitored development and deployment environment