Job information

$ 8,500 - 11,000 SGD per month

Job Description

Job description & requirements

ZipHR has experienced explosive customer growth since its initial Indonesian launch in March 2018. We are now seeking a highly experienced CTO that can lead our full-stack tech team and execute upon the key objectives.

Key Objectives 
- Fine-tune, optimize and scale existing product 
- Develop new core HR product functionality 
- Implement our financing and insurance product capabilities 
- Replicate and adapt HR platform for our next target market

Key Responsibilities

- Lead agile/scrum team - define, delegate and monitor all technical tasks 
- Full management responsibility for all technical staff (UX, frontend, backend) 
- Quality assurance for all code 
- Scale application to handle increasing volume 
- Ensure proper specification/maintenance of technical documentation 
- Identify production and non-production application issues 
- Develop/improve system architecture

Essential Technical Skills:

- Full-stack development experience 
- Six or more years of solid Python experience 
- Three or more years working directly with Django 
- JSON, REST, RESTful Services and API’s 
- Strong experience with JavaScript and front-end technologies 
- Automated deployment and configuration tools 
- Experience working with a JIRA bug-tracker, or similar tools 
- Knowledge of the software development lifecycle 
- Familiar with security and infrastructure design 
- Strong working knowledge of git 
- Experience with unit and acceptance testing tools and practices

Essential Personal Skills:

- Passion, perseverance and drive to overcome all obsticles 
- Creative and agile to seek the best alternatives in shortest time possible 
- Team player, who respects everyone's inputs and encourages their efforts 
- Excellent English and communication skills 
- "Go-getter" who takes initiative to start and pushes to completion

Desired Skills: 
- Experience/Interest in blockchain technologies 
- AI/Machine Learning skills; or highly quantitative background 
- Experience with AWS 
- Linux/Unix knowledge (Ubuntu/Debian) 
- Database and SQL knowledge (MySQL) 
- Entrepreneurial/business experience 
- Bahasa Indonesia language skills


What’s it like working at ZipHR?

At ZipHR, we are collaborative, driven, energetic, innovative and passionate.

Benefits and perks of working with us include:

Compensation: Bonuses, Competitive salaries
Lifestyle: Casual dress code, Company outings
Progression: Professional development

Small team of high performance individuals with experience in business and tech development. We focus on teamwork as well as individualism, across a flat structure where every voice is heard and respected.