Job information

$ 6,000 - 10,000 SGD per month

Job Description

Job description & requirements

Aspire is looking for a result driven candidate able to cover the following spectrum of responsibilities:

  • Accounting and treasury. Making sure financial statements are properly filled and transactions recorded and maintained on a daily basis according to best in class standards. Oversee cash management and use/need of funds
  • Reporting and planning. In charge of developing and maintaining key financial and operational reports to inform management and key stakeholders and help internal decision making
  • Capital Markets and compliance. Creating the legal infrastructure to scale our capital sourcing and in charge of overseeing due diligence with international investors.


What’s it like working at Aspire Capital?

Our core company culture values are:

  • Trust. At aspire employees and customers trust each other, help each other and create a community of strong belonging. 
  • Purpose. Always have a strong obsession for your "why" at personal and company level. Reinventing banking for small business is what motivates us to go ahead.
  • Wisdom. Become the expert in what your do, at the highest levels. Then, share this knowledge with others.

With those values in mind we will push our boundaries to achieve the highest goals.

Aspire for more and enjoy the ride!