Job information

$ 70,000 - 100,000 TWD per month

Job Summary

Optimis International is looking for an experienced Ruby on Rails developer (ideally 3-5 yrs experience) to join our Taipei team. You must be an ROC citizen, be knowledgeable in Ruby and the Rails framework, and also have a strong interest in learning the latest web technologies and exploring how to apply these to our growing range of applications. The ability to refactor and maintain existing apps is essential, but you will also have opportunities to learn and grow in the industry and learn to put technologies like Docker, React, and Clojure to use in your developer arsenal.

Job Description

Requirements 必要條件:

  • Must love Ruby and Rails (min 2+yrs experience required)

  • Solid understanding of RSpec, testing frameworks

  • Knowledgeable in GIT, Gitflow; 使用Git/Gitflow

  • Big plus for Javascript, CSS, and HTML, javascript frameworks such as React

  • 3 Yrs Professional developer experience preferred

  • Self-discipline and strong time-management skills

  • Strong technical English

Nice to Have 加分條件

  • Deployment experience including Capistrano and others

  • Familiarity with Docker

  • Familiarity with NoSQL tools like MongoDB, CouchDB, Riak

  • Familiarity with Redis, Resque, RabbitMQ 

  • Contributor to Open Source projects

  • 熟悉任一NoSQL資料庫。

  • 具任一動態語言(例如Ruby, Python等)撰寫經驗。

  • 具組態管理工具(例如Chef或Puppet等)實務經驗。

Responsibilities 職掌:

  • Read, maintain, and refactor existing projects, as well as work on new projects

  • Be able to work well with others as well as work independently, and be self-motivated

  • Be able to communicate clearly and effectively

  • Be willing to participate in weekly meetings/standups

  • Be able to deliver clean, maintainable code.