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$ 5,000 - 8,000 SGD per month

Job Description

Job description & requirements

We are now looking to hire a Data Scientist who would work on building the Zilingo Trend Index and roll it out both internally for Zilingo as well as a 3rd party white label service for the fashion industry. This data scientist will be responsible for the end-to-end set-up and management of a trend forecast product and the building of the team that manages it.

We are looking for someone who is entrepreneurial, creative and thrives in a fast-paced work environment.

Job Responsibilities:

●     Develop an ingenious Zilingo fashion trend index including primary and secondary research to get a data driven geo specific index for trends

●     Use traditional and innovative methods to arrive at a robust index that is reliable and best in class.

●     Develop and run the trend forecast team through hiring as well as skill development and mentoring of new hires

●     Work closely with tech, business, marketing and other departments on development, roll out etc.

●     Coordinating with merchandisers for selecting the best SKUs and styles according to trends

●     Measure the performance of the trend forecast product through set KPIs and regularly identify improvements and additions to the data model

●     Work closely with sales and marketing teams to package and productionise the product for 3rd party white-labelling

Qualifications and skills:

●     3+ years work experience as a research data scientist ideally with a retail/ecommerce background

●     Proven experience in reading data and converting into information and patterns

●     Strong in project management with a proven experience in building and managing a successful team

●     Dynamic and flexible with ability to work in emerging markets

●     The ideal candidate has an interest in fashion

●     Must have R , Python, Hadoop , SQL , Scala or a  combination of these

If you want to work in a high energy start-up environment in a leadership/decision-making role, this is the place to be.



What’s it like working at Zilingo?

At Zilingo, we are collaborative, driven, energetic, fast paced and vibrant.

Benefits and perks of working with us include:

Compensation: Competitive salaries
Lifestyle: Casual dress code
Welfare: Vacation time

The Zilingo team is a diverse group of millennials. We look for people who think fast and come to the table with creative solutions using tech and data and are able to execute these ideas with speed.