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$ 3,500+ SGD per month

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Job description & requirements

If you are looking for exposure across multiple business functions, look no further. We are after enthusiastic individuals who are thirsty for cross functional business experience, someone who can learn quickly and contribute in an impactful manner to our fast-growing start-up.


Who Are We?

We are a regional Robo-Advisory platform (, based in Singapore. We are in the exciting FinTech sector and we are one of the only two Robo-Advisory platforms targeting the retail market to be licensed by MAS.

We are like human financial advisor except everything from investment consultation, portfolio construction and investment management have been digitized and automated! With our proprietary algorithm, we have outperformed ALL unit trusts with a similar global investment mandate available in Singapore over the last 20 months. Yet, through automation, we were able to keep our workforce lean and provide such services at approximately ¼ the fees of traditional financial services.

Unlike the mutual funds or financial planners from before, we are finally going to make good on the promise of helping anyone accumulate wealth effortlessly to meet their financial goals by providing high returns at a low cost. 

In the last few months since launch, we have amassed thousands of clients & millions of AUM and have since been featured on Channel NewsAsia, Fintechnopreneur, Straitstimes, Business Times and Zaobao. More information at


Things You Need To Know On The Get-Go:

· We are strong believers of the lean start-up methodology – we hypothesize, we try, we fail quickly, we learn, we hypothesize, we try again 

· You will be given real responsibility (and tremendous learning opportunities consequently)

· Entrepreneurial spirit, energy, enthusiasm and contagious passion are more important than having relevant experience


What Do We Need You For?

Your role is to serve as our associate and help us with

· Growth hacking / marketing (40% of the time)

· Wealth advisory (30% of the time)

· Investment research & analysis (30% of the time)



· At the start of each rotation, study diligently under the assigned mentor


· For the growth hacking / marketing rotation

o Conduct market research / talk to our clients to thoroughly understand their needs

o Use the understanding to propose various market positioning and / or untapped markets

o Use the understanding to design creative social media campaigns / content / one-off marketing events to raise our brand awareness and communicate our value propositions 


· For the wealth advisory rotation

o Assist in the management of our existing clients on areas such as generating short investment reports and answering queries

o Follow the wealth managers to client meetings and assist them with the leads prospecting, account opening, and client onboarding process


· For the investment research & analysis rotation

o Assist the investment manager in conducting research across asset classes, major geographical regions and sectors

o Analyse the data collected to produce actionable insights or reports for both internal use and external publication

o Conduct research on prevailing market developments and publish on the AutoWealth Platform and social media


When Do You Know You Are Winning At That?

· For the growth hacking / marketing rotation, views / likes/ shares / leads generated by your social media campaigns / content / one-off marketing events are through the roof

· For the wealth advisory rotation, clients under your management have high level of retention rates

· For the investment research & analysis rotation, your research and analysis are actionable and worthy of publication


What Specific Skills Do You Need To Succeed?

· Strategic thinking

· You have good working knowledge on marketing 

· You have basic knowledge on finance / investment

· You are sociable and you can hold a good conversation with people of diverse background


What Should Your Background Be?

· Pursing a university degree in a business related field

· Nice to have: experience in marketing 

· Nice to have: experience in developing graphical marketing materials (e.g. flyers / infographics)


What Is In For You?

· Directly mentored by a 10+ year investment veteran, a 14+ year wealth management veteran, 12+ year private banking veteran, a 7+ year management consultant, and a PhD in Engineering

· Given full autonomy to apply your skills and creativity on a very challenging task that looks great on your resume

· Work with very fun people


What’s it like working at AutoWeath?

Lots of fun people!