Job information

$ 3,500+ SGD per month

Job Description

We are a regional Robo-Advisory platform (, based in Singapore. We are in the exciting FinTech sector and we are one of the only two Robo-Advisory platforms targeting the retail market to be licensed by MAS.

We are like human financial advisor except everything from investment consultation, portfolio construction and investment management have been digitized and automated! With our proprietary algorithm, we have outperformed ALL unit trusts with a similar global investment mandate available in Singapore over the last 23 months. Yet, through automation, we were able to keep our workforce lean and provide such services at approximately ¼ the fees of traditional financial services.

Unlike the mutual funds or financial planners from before, we are finally going to make good on the promise of helping anyone accumulate wealth effortlessly to meet their financial goals by providing high returns at a low cost. 

In the last few months since launch, we have amassed thousands of clients & millions of AUM and have since been featured on Channel NewsAsia, Fintechnopreneur, Straitstimes, Business Times and Zaobao. More information at

Required Skills/Attributes:

· Passionate about technology and application building. Attention to detail and an analytical mind are essential.

· Strategic and logical thinking

· Proven experience as a programmer/web-app developer or relevant role

· Android and IOS mobile app dev experience

· Ability to program in object-oriented languages (PHP/Python), web design languages (HTML, JS)

· Good knowledge with relational databases (SQL)

· Confidence when confronted with mathematical concepts

· Diploma (or higher) in computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, mathematics/statistics or relevant disciplines with sufficient exposure to code development

· Nice to have: conversational English

Roles and Responsibilities

· As part of the IT team, you will be working closely with with business analysts, marketing associates and other developers to implement 

o application front-end designs

o Perform periodic upgrades to ensure system’s security and efficiency

o Back-end support for implementation of trade algorithms and APIs for streamlining operations

o Create documentation for user support

o Maintenance of databases

· Specifically, you will be working closely with the IT Team to 

o Design and create secure web-based application/functions. 

o Design and create Android / iOS mobile app

o Design and create efficient back-end support functions for seamless reconciliation of fund positions, account balances, and trading algorithms for investments

o Generate detailed reports on client statistics for supporting related growth-hacking tasks

· Assist in the routine/iterative perfection of front-end interface on client’s / advisor’s/ marketing feedback and/or requirements


What’s it like working at AutoWeath?

Lots of fun people!