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$ 3,000 - 6,000 SGD per month

Job Description

Job description & requirements

ZomWork is a small company with big plans. With our platform, companies can find talented people to take on projects from graphic design, to marketing, to app development flexibly and reliably to companies and individuals with the right skills, and expertise. We strive to create a worldwide community of knowledge workers who will learn, earn and live both on our platform and at our physical space; serving the creative needs of hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide. 

ZomWork is a joint-venture company co-owned by two partners. is the dominant leader (with >80% of the market) for freelancing work in China and is valued at US$1Bn. Singapore Press Holdings Ltd is not only Singapore’s dominant newspaper, magazine and radio company, but also owns successful digital properties like Sgcartmart, Shareinvestor, Hardwarezone, and Stomp. 

The Marketing Assistant Manager supports ZomWork customers by strategizing, creating and executing on our B2B marketing plan, via various channels. First, you will create educational content for freelancers and clients alike (eg. around digital marketing; using freelancers effectively, and so on). You will execute on a variety of content from 20 words in length (to be used in FaceBook, LinkedIn, and other social media channels); 3-500 words (on our blog) and 10-15 pages worth of guides. For those interested, their involvement can also extend to writing killer copy on our website- call to actions, prompts, and overall pithy yet effective copy- for better conversions.

Second, you will also plan and organize our education event and outreach plan- both in-house, independent events as well as with partners. You will be responsible for the theme, the schedule, and also creating the content (via PowerPoint) to cater to audiences of the events.

This role fits someone who wants to own a vision, who wants to be a trailblazer, and lovesgetting their hands dirty to get things done exactly the way they want it. We have a specific dream to create a global knowledge marketplace that exists both online and offline, and we want someone who believes in that mission, and is excited by the challenge to execute on it like it’s his or her own personal mission make this work. We mentioned we have big plans; and we do. Singapore is just the first step in our journey- we will be going into other South-East Asian countries soon, as quickly as 2018. So you’ll also need to be excited by a company that intends to grow very fast.

The kind of people we're eager to work with:

• Has a can-do attitude.

• Can work independently and resourcefully to do whatever it takes to succeed. 

• Perhaps the most important- is excited and motivated to be part of a startup team, where whatever he/she can achieve is only constrained by his own ability.


• Design a coherent, clear brand experience, as experienced in words, for both clients and service providers, to be executed in our social media materials, our blog, and on our website. The breakdown of content work for the social media/blog vs website channels are probably going to be 80:20.

• Execute on writing speeches and powerpoints for events where we will be working with partners to share learnings about the industry.

• Implement our digital marketing initiatives.

• Plan, strategise and design events both by ourselves and with partners, for better outreach.

Basic Qualifications

• Prior experience organizing events, doing copywriting and in other general marketing roles is required.

• Interest in the internet industry and startups is a huge plus.

• Experience in creating educational content is a bonus; especially in the visual realm (PowerPoint) and word realm (articles).

• Based in Singapore.

• Fluency in mandarin is a plus, as the Chinese team’s command of English is limited.


What’s it like working at ZomWork?

We focus on ownership, delegated decision-making, and moving quickly. "Done is better than perfect"- we're always moving forward.