Job information

$ 4,000 - 4,500 SGD per month

Job Description

Job description & requirements

Tech in Asia is hiring a tech journalist to chronicle Asia's massive technology industry for an international audience. You'll have an opportunity to focus on a specific niche in the tech industry in order to build your expertise.


  • You'll break news, profile movers and shakers, write trend pieces showing how the industry is changing itself and the world, and analyze the most significant developments in Asian tech.
  • You'll develop a network of people in the industry that you can rely on for your stories.


  • You can write clean, punchy, and entertaining prose with minimal rewrites needed from an editor.
  • You can explain in plain language how a development or trend is significant to people in Asia and elsewhere.
  • You already possess or can acquire deep knowledge about Asian tech trends, and marry that with global developments and your expansive general knowledge.
  • You understand what readers want, and how to sell a story to them.
  • You value accuracy.
  • You value journalistic integrity and would have no trouble following our ethics policy:
  • You possess traits that are described in Tech in Asia's culture code:

Preferred traits

  • You're based in Singapore
  • You possess deep knowledge about internet companies and the technology industry


What’s it like working at Tech in Asia?

Despite working together in a largely online environment, our team at Tech in Asia (YC W15) has a pretty rich culture. We believe that we have something unique, so we’ve captured the essence of Tech in Asia’s culture in the deck embedded here. Just so people – be it our readers or future members of the Tech in Asia family – understand who we really are. Our culture code:

  • We're obsessed with our users and customers, not competitors
  • We believe in work+life, not work versus life
  • We communicate transparently within team members
  • We're focused on data and KPIs
  • We get things done with a strong sense of urgency

Who are we looking for to join our team?

We're looking for team players who are:

  • Willing to fight for the greater cause and not for self glory
  • Genuinely nice people with a kind heart
  • Not looking for a short-term return
  • Not looking for a 9-to-5 job but is seeking for a roller-coaster ride with a team of crazy people
  • Believes in our mission, values, and culture
  • Works hard and plays hard