Job information

$ 3,600 - 5,000 SGD per month

Job Description

Job description & requirements

We make Tomorrow Today by empowering Peer Economy via Artificial Intelligence.


  • develop cloud-based web apps;
  • support cloud architectural design;
  • prepare technical docs including test cases;
  • perform post-launch troubleshooting & enhancements.


  • trained in cloud engineering;
  • coded JavaScript, while prior experience in Python3 is preferred;
  • delved into Node.JS, while prior experience in MEAN stack development is preferred;
  • no stranger to cloud technologies (Google Suite, Microsoft Azure);
  • fluent in English, and preferably conversant in Chinese;
  • driven upstart with a sense of self-deprecating humour.


What’s it like working at Velocity Enterprise?

You have to have self-deprecating humour on top of strong belief in yourself being an upstart.