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$ 780,000 - 1,300,000 TWD per annum

Job Summary

Migo’s Data Science Team將負責建構數據分析工具,幫助Migo各部門解決各種複雜的問題,提供business insight並根據數據做決策。Data Science Team 透過敏捷式開發各種跨部門專案,如果你喜歡步調快、變化多端的工作環境,不僅握有一身專業更期待自己成為跨領域人才,有滿滿的學習能量,歡迎加入我們!

Job Description



Migo’s Data Science Team將負責建構數據分析工具,幫助Migo各部門解決各種複雜的問題,提供business insight並根據數據做決策。Data Engineering Team 透過敏捷式開發各種跨部門專案,如果你喜歡步調快、變化多端的工作環境,不僅握有一身專業更期待自己成為跨領域人才,有滿滿的學習能量,歡迎加入我們!



  • 建構並使用分析工具來處理大量數據,並發掘企業商業洞察
  • 負責開發數據產品,如:推薦系統、資料倉儲、BI儀表板、機器學習模型等
  • 解讀Migo營運資料數據並發掘高質量顧客問題、提出解決方案並透過重複測試驗證
  • 每日針對產品以營運策略進行跨部門合作
  • 培養國際視野、創新能量以及多元產業背景的專業,以全面了解新興市場的現狀與未來




  • 2-5年工作經驗並具備機器學習、工程、應用數學、應用物理、電腦科學、統計、經濟、量化財經等相關科系碩士學歷
  • 精通以下一種程式語言: SQL, Python, R, Matlab, Mathematica
  • 具備使用程式語言以及資料倉儲工具去建構統計模型的能力
  • 精通離散式多變數隨機過程、推斷統計學以及分析
  • 能將使用者需求轉譯成數據模型,並透過備解釋分析提出企業洞察



  • 精通機器學習演算法實務,如:推薦系統、圖案識別、電腦視覺…等等
  • 具備機器學習、數位信號分析、複雜統計/隨機模型的實務或學術經驗
  • 曾以數據導向方式解決有關行銷、銷售、媒體、遊戲、影視製作、使用者體驗設計的經驗

Location: Taipei, Taiwan (20% travel, regional)


【Job summary】 

Are you looking for working across the organization and defining the problem by your own? Do you have a keen imagination and a mind for solving complex problems? Do you have a desire to build user-centric solutions that transform emerging markets? Migo designs and builds technology to close the digital divide for the mass market in emerging markets. Our technology involves a combination of hardware, networking, wireless, and software technology distributed through local neighborhood retail hotspots, then to consumers’ mobile phones.

Migo’s Data Science Team helps build and use the data tools that inform our most important and most complex decisions related to our product, marketing, sales, and operations strategies. 


  • Build and use the analytical tools needed to deal with massive data sets to uncover important business insights
  • Lead the end-to-end development of data products such as recommendation systems, data warehouses, business intelligence dashboards, and machine learning models
  • Interpret Migo’s operational data to identify high-customer-impact problems, propose solutions, and test hypotheses in an iterative cycle
  • Collaborate daily on our product and business strategy with teams across the organization
  • Develop a global perspective on innovation, build your expertise across various industries, and build a three-dimensional understanding of the current and future emerging market context

Key qualifications


  • 2-5 years’ full-time working experience, with a Master's degree in one of the following fields: Machine Learning, Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Computer Science, Statistics, Economics, or Quantitative Finance
  • Practical experience in at least one of following programming languages: SQL, Python, R, Matlab, Mathematica
  • Comfortable using computer programming languages and data warehousing tools to define and build statistical models for identification, estimation, and prediction
  • Proficient in discrete multivariate stochastic process, statistical inference and analysis 
  • Can translate user requirements into a functional model and interpret predictive models


  • Proficient in practical machine learning algorithms, such as recommendation systems, pattern recognition, computer vision, etc.
  • Practical/academic experience in machine learning, digital signal processing, or complex statistical/stochastic modeling
  • Experience using a data-driven approach in at least one of the following fields: marketing, sales, media, gaming, studio production, or user experience design
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