Job information

$ 3,000 - 4,500 SGD per month

Job Description

Job description & requirements

In this role, you will have the opportunity to build user interfaces with hard real-time requirements of a naturally highly concurrent nature. Much of your work will revolve around wrangling real-time requests through websockets with a significant need for low level optimisation due to expected high volume of data to be displayed in the UI.


• Minimum 1 year of experience in a UI or product engineering role (iOS/Android experience included)

• Strong native JavaScript and DOM fundamentals

• Non-trivial experience with at least one widely-used front end framework (Angular/React/Vue etc.)

• Strong understanding of JavaScript concurrency primitives, such as Promise , generator functions (function*() { ... } ), async /await

• Basic understanding of functional programming concepts (immutability, list manipulation, recursion)

• Experience (whether personal or professional) with functional programming languages (Scala, Clojure, Reason, etc.) is a plus

• Familiarity with modern web build systems (Webpack, Babel)

• Not afraid of unfamiliar technology with crappy documentation

• Comfortable with writing abstractions over low-level and/or experimental interfaces (e.g. JSON-RPC, gRPC, websockets)



What’s it like working at Tribe?

Our culture code:

  • We're obsessed with our users and customers, not competitors
  • We believe in work+life, not work versus life
  • We communicate transparently within team members
  • We're focused on data and KPIs
  • We get things done with a strong sense of urgency

Who are we looking for to join our team?

We're looking for team players who are:

  • Willing to fight for the greater cause and not for self glory
  • Genuinely nice people with a kind heart
  • Not looking for a short-term return
  • Not looking for a 9-to-5 job but is seeking for a roller-coaster ride with a team of crazy people
  • Believes in our mission, values, and culture
  • Works hard and plays hard