Job information

$ 5,000 - 8,000 SGD per month

Job Description

Job description & requirements

- Project development  

- Consulting  

- Training 

Your skillset 

The projects we currently work on involve: 

– a Java backend (using Hibernate, Spring, Spring MVC, Maven…) 
– A Javascript front-end (AngularJS, React…) 
– Transversal tools such as Docker and ElasticSearch 


What’s it like working at ZENIKA PTE LTD?

If you want to become a key player in the digital revolution then <codingtheworld> could be your motto!

Exploring open-source technologies and the most innovative methods (BigData, Web, Mobility, IoT, DevOps, Craftsmanship, agility, security and organizational transformations), working in a stimulating, free and really fun atmosphere are the conditions essential to your well-being.

Taking part in technological challenges and research projects, receive and conduct trainings, share your passion with the community (blogs, talks, conferences, videos, learning expeditions...) are challenges that stimulate you every day.

Contributing to open source projects (you like it? So do we!), you will be able to confront a community of experts, and always be on the lookout for new technologies through blogs, meetups or twitter.

We are looking for Java developers eager to learn in areas such as Java, Java EE, Spring, Hibernate, Maven AngularJS, React and other relevant skills.

Your missions? Why bother describing them, since in the end you will choose them? At Zenika we rely primarily on profiles, potentials and personalities. The best way to see if we are in sync is to apply for Zenika.

Do you recognize yourself? Does it seem too good to be true? So come and meet our consultants. They will be able to testify about their experiences.