Job information

$ 3,000 - 5,000 SGD per month

Job Description

Job description & requirements

We are a dynamic, fast-growing team that’s excited about e-commerce and logistics and the opportunity to transform these industries with data and technology.  Join us and our journey to drive the growth in the e-commerce market. 

We need you on our team:

All the creativity, energy, knowledge and great ideas of the people working on our product and our business ideas will need to be supported by a strong pipeline of customers and a continuous management of our sales efforts and Customer Relationship Management tools. 

You will be the key driver for Parcel Perform success in the following ways:

  • Build up the pipeline / Lead generation - We have tools to identify the big pool of potential customers, but need your skills & experience to qualify them. You coordinate multiple freelancers, tools and service partners to support you on identifying the right leads. You will be responsible to manage the overall lead generation process, prospect pipeline & preparation of the outreach.
  • Rock our CRM tool - We are working with Hubspot to ensure we keep records of our customer outreach, monitor the lifecycle status they are in and ensure they get all outreaches they deserve to truly receive the best customer experience. Your role is to be the Master of our CRM system, help us manage and optimise it and ensure we are always up-to-date.
  • Be the first point of contact - Once you ensured that we have identified the right people and have all information ready to reach out to them, it will be you that is on the frontline of engagement. We want you to help us manage our email campaigns and the initial cold outreach to our leads. Pick the right approach and template, plan our outreach and continuously optimize our email campaigns. If your job is done right and  a lead is interested, you can then help us in handing them over to one of our Business Development managers. 
  • Measure our success - You will make sure that we are on top of things when it comes to the health and value of our pipeline, the productivity of our sales team and the up to date management of our Customer Relationship Management tools (e.g. Hubspot). You will develop all key daily/ weekly / monthly sales reports and forecasts and sit with our founder team to ensure we are steering the business in the right direction. 

In summary, you will be key for our outbound prospecting, which includes the initial research as much as the first cold email outreach and the management of our campaigns. Your strong analytical skills and sales reporting  will then also help us to identify the go to market and overall growth initiatives for Parcel Perform sales. 

What you should bring along:

We at Parcel Perform believe in innovation, energy and resourcefulness for everything we do. We will not stop to deliver an outstanding product that we can be proud of and need you to help us to inform the world. You need to feel the same way about our offering and bring along the following things:

  • Bachelor degree or more
  • Data-driven and analytical background and interest in Excel and big data analytics
  • The hunger and determination to create & maintain various Reports/Dashboards
  • An eagerness to analyze data & provide recommendations to help optimize email campaigns and maximize sales
  • Experience in use of CRM (preferably Hubspot) and other lead generation and research tools
  • Strong process management and structuring skills
  • Results-driven personality with efficient time management
  • Overall strong written communication and interpersonal skills 
  • A willingness to keep learning and pushing yourself to higher and higher levels.

In return, you will receive:

We are on a mission together to change the e-commerce logistics world and are in it for the journey and the opportunities it offers to all of us. Become part of the team and experience the excitement of contributing to this incredible team effort.  

  • The opportunity to work in a fast growing, super exciting and innovative business that will revolutionize the e-commerce logistics industry. You will be the needle of success on the growth of a global product that will become a key platform behind successful e-commerce logistics worldwide. 
  • The ability to continuously learn and develop in an international setting with you being a critical driver behind the success of us achieving our mission.
  • An environment where everybody never stops growing, and focuses on succeeding - we continuously work with you on your strengths and weaknesses across many important dimensions, and look at ways for you to address them and further your development
  • Your entry ticket into being part of the Parcel Perform startup Universe, where you will work with and alongside people that share the same passion and dedication. 


What’s it like working at Parcel Perform?

We are a international, dynamic and fast-growing team that’s excited about e-commerce and logistics and the opportunity to transform these industries with data and technology. 

Our team of 25+ astronauts is mainly based in Singapore and Vietnam, serving global customers with a unique technology solution worldwide. We are driven and strive to build an excellent product that we sell passionately around the globe. 

Our motto: With hustle and heart, everything is possible.

Join us, if you have the same passion, you want to continuously learn and play your part to take responsibility for the growth of our company. If you are excited to make e-commerce logistics better for our customers - hit the apply button and come onboard now.