Job information

$ 50,000+ TWD per month

Job Summary

eCommerce Data Analyst with Growth Hacker in Heart is a data-driven “growth hacker” for Shoplus services. The role is responsible for achieving customer acquisition and retention targets, through the use of data analytics.

This is an active, operational role using data analysis as a guide to determine tactics and strategy. You will work with cross-functional teams using compelling data to establish priorities and refine tactics across the teams.

The role's success measure is, first and foremost, the achievement of growth targets.

Job Description

What you will do:
- Define key performance indicators and establish systems for live or regular reporting.
- Design data and analytics gathering and reporting tactics and strategies.
- Inform decision-making with data and analytics.
- Work cross functionally with marketing, product teams to achieve growth targets.
- Help develop a culture of experimentation with data-driven hypotheses and reporting.

Skills and knowledge you should possess:
- 5+ years of Product Management, Data Analyst, or Product Marketing Experience.
- Require high proficiency with digital tracking and reporting tools such as Facebook analytics, Google analytics, Appsflyer, Amplitute..
- Require a deep understanding of how to map data together from various sources.


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