Job information

$ 1,000,000 - 1,400,000 TWD per annum

Job Summary

網站可靠性工程師(或稱 Devops) ,將負責保證大數軟體即時輿情分析平台的可靠性與效能,網站可靠性工程師將負責開發自動化整合工具以保障系統的可靠性與效能

Job Description

對資料視覺化有興趣嗎? 想要更深入了解該怎麼利用數據分析、機器學習,從資料中掏金嗎? 加入大數軟體或許正就是協助你/妳快速如何運用大數據商業應用的最佳途徑。 

大數軟體是一以大數據服務為主軸的公司,建立輿情觀測服務InfoMiner,協助企業、政府客戶蒐集、分析網路輿情,讓客戶掌握第一手資訊,洞燭先機。我們另有協助企業與政府機關分析數據以及建立資料服務流程。客戶涵蓋政府機關、學校、金融、壽險、科技業、資訊服務業。 相關報導: 

網站可靠性工程師(或稱 Devops) ,將負責保證大數軟體即時輿情分析平台的可靠性與效能,網站可靠性工程師將負責開發自動化整合工具以保障系統的可靠性與效能,該職務需求將負責以下工作內容: 
• Automation. SREs are obsessed with automation and tooling. 
• System Architecture, including upstream and downstream dependencies. 
• Deployment & Change Management, Canary and Release processes. 
• Resiliency strategies, such as Load and Failure testing. 
• Drive efficiencies in systems and processes: capacity planning, configuration management, performance tuning, monitoring and root cause analysis. 
• Availability, Performance, Efficiency & Scaling. 
• Incident Response (improving the on-call experience, tools, and procedures) including a comprehensive Postmortem process. 

• A good understanding of large-scale distributed systems in practice, including multi-tier architectures, application security, monitoring and storage systems. 
• Systematic problem solving approach and knowledge of algorithms, data structures and complexity analysis. 
• Power-user Linux knowledge and willingness to explore Linux internals 
• Good programming skills in at least in one of the following: C, Node.js, Python, Java and ability to pick up new ones. 
• Good scripting skills. 

• Understanding of Unix/Linux systems from kernel to shell and beyond, taking in system libraries, file systems, and client-server protocols along the way. 
• Networking: knowledge and understanding of network theory, such as different protocols (TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, etc), MAC addresses, IP packets, DNS, OSI layers, and load balancing. 
• Advanced level knowledge on at least one of the following: PostgresSQL, Document NOSQL, Time-series database and ELK stack or similar technologies. 
• Caching and queuing technologies knowledge (Redis, memcache, RabbitMQ). 
• Experience with AWS, GCP or Azure. 
• Contributions to open source software.