Job information

$ 1,000,000+ TWD per annum

Job Summary


Job Description


1.In-depth knowledge of Python, NodeJS 
2.Experience with Python web frameworks ie. flask/Django/tornado 
3.Utilized work queues for background processing 
4.In-depth knowledge of Mongo and Redis 
5.Excellent understanding of HTTP 
6.Experience developing REST APIs 
7.Designed for modular systems 
8.Worked with a cloud environment 
9.Excellent communication and organizational skills


1.Worked with Python asyncio 
2.Experience developing in Go 
3.Event driven architecture 
4.Experience working with cluster environments and/or containers. ie. Kubernetes, Docker 
5.Development flow utilizing CI/CD 
6.Experience working with distributed systems 
7.Experience working with realtime APIs 
8.Able to communicate in English

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