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$ 5,000 - 8,500 SGD per month


Job Description

Job description & requirements

Hey there! 

Ready to work in a start-up environment for the Singapore entity of our International Group? Yes? Awesome!

Maltem is THE company devoted to innovation and challenging projects in IT & business environments. We are driven by dynamic recruiting processes, full blown Agile Methodology on projects while remaining connected to the latest digital novelties and putting human capital on the forefront. 

Maltem operates in 10 countries with over 1000 employees spanning across our 5 pillars: Innovative Concepts, Design Thinking, Web & Mobile development, Agile, Banking & Insurance. Now, let’s get down to business! 

These are the missions you will be entrusted with as a UX Designer: 

Being part of our consultants, you will get to develop our core values and romote our fields of expertise (UX Design, Web & Mobile platforms delivery, Agile). 

As a UX designer, more specifically, you handle the User Interface (look and feel) as much as the User Experience (Usability/Navigation/Structure) of our client’s digital platforms (websites and apps). You are responsible for creation of user flow, wireframe, storyboard, UX/UI design and process flow development. Let’s not forget the team work! You will be working alongside with the technical & business teams (Scrum Master, Product owners, developers and testers) to make continuous  mprovements to the design. 

And all you need for that is: 

  • Bachelor's degree preferably in Design, Multimedia, Information Architecture, Human Computer Interaction, Graphic Design, or related fields
  • Extensive knowledge of design and prototyping tools, such as Sketch, Invision, Adobe CC/XD, Balsamiq, and other wireframing tools
  • Ability to create wireframes, prototypes, and screen flows
  • Strong knowledge of web and mobile technologies, and their impact on design feasibility
  • Ability to run user research activities
  • Good communication skills, including ability to present designs on internal stakeholders and other team members
  • Strong portfolio or samples of work demosntrating experience and relevant, user-centered designs
  • Ability to learn quickly and a keen eye for detail
  • Great team-player

Still following? Excellent. We are about to detail all the advantages or being part of our team!  

  • Autonomous, ambitious and reliable; you will benefit from top-notch training by our technical lead, as well as our Agile coach & Scrum Master  
  • You will be part of talented, dynamic & proactive co-ed team (oh and also, rumor has it we are super nice, just saying!)  
  • You will be able to benefit from career advancement and have the possibility to develop international and long-lasting work relationships
  • You will have the opportunity to share your projects and ideas to grow the business  
  • Free-flow coffee and after works every Friday nights coupled with fun activities! Above all, you’ve understood by now that we are mainly looking for curious, passionate and ambitious people, always willing to learn, take initiative and adopt a positive “CAN DO” attitude!