Job information

$ 70,000+ TWD per month

Job Summary

We're looking for people with a strong background (or interest!) in systems.
We'd love to hear from you whether you're a seasoned systems developer, or whether you've just learned you might like working with databases.

Job Description

StraaS's infrastructure powers OTT solutions (streaming, messaging and advertising technology with best multi-screen and multi-device user experiences) for businesses all over the world. We help businesses integrate OTT solution into their products, build world-class developer-friendly APIs, SDKs, and more. If you're an infrastructure engineer here, you'll get to build the systems that power our products.

 You will
■Design, build, and maintain the core infrastructure used by all of StraaS's engineering team
■Debug production issues across services and levels of the stack
■Build a great customer experience for people using your infrastructure

You may be a fit for this role if you
■ Are familiar with Go
■ Know your way around a Unix system
■ Are familiar with cloud platform (e.g. GCP, AWS, Azure, etc...)

■ Be familiar with container technology and relating CI/CD experiences based on it (eg. Docker, Kubernetes, etc...)
■ Have experience in DevOps

Projects you could work on:
We have a ton of important work to do, which is why we're hiring! Our projects are of course changing all the time, but here are a few projects that we're working on, so you can get an idea of the types of work we do. Technologies we use include: nginx, jenkins, docker, kubernetes, etcd, mysql, elasticsearch, influxdb, redis, mongodb, fluentd and others.

■ Plan and implement multi-region availability for our messaging infrastructure! All of our systems can sustain losing machines, and making our systems even more resistant to failure is a big theme for us. If you like thinking about distributed systems, you might find a good home here!
■ Distributed tracing! To make it easier for any StraaS engineer, when debugging, to trace a request from its source down to every service it touched.
■ We have a bunch of projects around deploying and running code: help us instantly roll back bad deploys so that we can recover quickly, and build infrastructure that lets us scale up our API workers in seconds in response to high API load.
■ Maintain and improve the in-house cloud resources scheduler to fulfill specific scaling policies which the cloud platform doesn't provide.


■ 可彈性申請在家工作
■ 咖啡無限暢飲
■ 釀酒機 (偶爾可以小酌一杯)
■ 冰箱 (優格、布丁、愛玉、水果......想吃什麼可提議唷!)
■ 餅乾零食
■ 下午茶聚會
■ 部門聚餐 ( 一起大吃大喝吧!)
■ 慶生會
■ 按摩券 ( 工作辛苦囉!按摩師傅到公司幫你按摩!)
■ 電影欣賞
■ 員工旅遊 ( 今年去泰國、沖繩唷!! )
■ 員工健康檢查
■ 員工教育訓練補助

■ 休假給予最大彈性
■ 依勞基法給予特休
■ 女性同仁生理假 (1 天/月)
■ 全薪病假 (3 天/年)
■ 志工服務假 (2 天/年)
■ 陪產假
■ 婚假


■ 開放式的辦公環境,辦公室可穿著室內拖鞋,營造家庭式的舒適環境
■ 年輕熱血的新創團隊
■ 活潑歡樂的工作氣氛
■ 扁平的組織,彼此可以輕鬆談話
■ 意見不用怕被忽視
■ 我們不只是同事,是一起努力的夥伴朋友

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