Job information

$ 80,000 - 120,000 SGD per annum

Job Summary

M-DAQ is in FX/money transfer vertical and provides FX applications to securities exchanges, ecommerce platforms/payment gateways and other companies. Its mission is to break down technological and psychological barriers and enable cross-border trading of physical and financial assets, creating a world without currency borders. It was founded in2010by Richard Koh and other veterans in the FX and securities industries.

M-DAQ’s platform blends executable FX rates into equities and futures products, allowing investors to price, trade and settle exchange-traded products in their preferred currency at multibank wholesale FX rates, regardless of their profile and trade size. It doesn’t require any significant overhaul of the exchanges or costs. The partner exchanges will also receive a revenue share of the net FX margins. M-DAQ also provides online merchants with the ability to offer competitive multicurrency payment options to their customers, while allowing merchants to receive only their desired currencies through a fixed rate (static or dynamic lock-in) FX conversion service. Merchants can also configure a spread, a revenue stream that had hitherto been captured by other payment parties. It processes more than US$3bn of transactions per year.

M-DAQ’s competitive edge lies in its patented technology, which enables the most cost-efficient FX executions. In addition, its solution can be customised to suit clients’ specific business needs.

Job Description

Skills & Requirements

  • Hardcore java developers required. Someone who has extensive details on the internal workings of the JVM, appreciates mechanical sympathy, has a passion for low latency and high performance systems
  • Good Core Java Knowledge - Threading, GC, Deployment, Troubleshooting, Maven
  • Good experience with data structures
  • Knowledge of python ideally or any other scripting language
  • Experience in architecture/design area
  • Lock free and concurrent systems
  • Knowledge on networking is highly desired.TCP/IP, UDP, NIO highly desired
  • Knowledge of high frequency, low latency systems
  • Knowledge in scalability/high availability
  • Familiarity with FIX protocol and any other connectivity protocol highly desired
  • Financial background specially FX is a good to have but not necessary

Nice-to-have skills:

  • Working Knowledge in browser rich-client framework like Reactjs / Angularjs
  • Working Knowledge in Mobile Development for IOS / Android
  • Working Knowledge in Foreign Investment Exchange Protocol (Preferably in Foreign Exchange)

Soft skills:

  • Start-up mindset
  • Must be a team player
  • Ability to work hard and under pressure
  • Good communication skills in English
  • Always thinking of ways to improve current system
  • Willing to spend significant amount of time understanding the business in parallel with IT knowledge
  • Ability to solve problems in an efficient/innovative way
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