Job information

$ 60,000 - 100,000 TWD per month


Job Summary

Develop a flexible and scalable backend framework to accerlerate the AI models development process.
Co-work with and support team members to design system architecture, choose proper technologies and plan development.
Communicate friendly and professionally with scientists, engineers, product managers and other teams.
Explore challenging new areas and build high-quality software solutions for new and existing products.
Monitor, maintain and improve the quality of AI production system continuously.
Turn AI prototypes into products and deploy systems to the clients.

Job Description

1. Minimum 2 year experience with Python in Unix/Linux environments; C++ is a plus. 
2. Familiar with at least one of the popular framework such as Caffe, Tensorflow, Pytorch and Onnx.
3. Strong software engineering fundamentals, including data structures, design patterns, testing, and debugging skills.
4. Having basic knowledge about computer vision is a plus. 
5. Comfort with databases and performance analysis skills is a plus. 
6. Having experience in virtual technology (Docker, VM) is a plus.
7. Experience with one or more continuous delivery tools (Jenkins, Ansible) is plus.

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